The University of Stirling Podcasting Society

Your University Podcasting Society: For Students, By Students!


Your Student Podcast Society: Promote, Engage, Create

Our Society Aims To:

Promote Creative & Inventive Podcasting

Empower Individuals To Create Great Podcasts

Support Podcast

Host an Annual Podcasting Awards ceremony

Promote Creative & Inventive Podcasting

Support Podcasting Collaboration

Support Podcast Monetisation*2

Empower Clubs & Societies To Create Great Podcasts

Provide Podcasting Support

Empower Groups To Create Great Podcasts

Support Podcast Related Projects*3

Support Podcast Publishing

Build A Powerful Podcasting Initiative

Encourage Experienced Podcasts Back To The Medium

Support Guest & Voice Actor Finding

Encourage New Podcasters Into The Medium

Provide Space for Pitching Podcast Ideas

Support Podcast Production

*1 – including the development of business planning; legal requirements and best practices

*2 – including helping with advertising, promotion and merchandise sales

*3 – Such as, but not exclusively, live events.


August 2021

Founded on in August 2021 by University of Stirling Students:
Ed (Acting President),
Bertille (Acting Secretary),
Hannah (Acting Treasurer),
with assistance from the True Crime Society Executive Committee:
Emily (President),
Rachel (Secretary),
Cerys (Treasurer),
Alicia (Publicity Officer).

September 2021


We received affiliation with the University of Stirling Students Union in September 2021, and were able to attend the Clubs & Society Freshers Fayre Day 1.

Visitors to our table helped create a Fresher’s Special 2021 Podcast episode.

September 2021

(Give It A Go)

We then hosted a Give It A Go on September 30th 2021.

Two teams completed a 30×3 Podcast Challenge (30 minutes to create a 3 minute podcast, with show notes, podcast cover and theme music).

There was also time to play, in the form of society exclusive games:

  • PodTrumps (‘like TopTrumps’);
  • Podcast Cover Jigsaw,
  • Podcast Title to Genre Match

We also enjoyed some food and drink in a Covid-19 safe way.