The University of Stirling Podcasting Society

Your University Podcasting Society: For Students, By Students!


At this time, this is a prospective cost sheet, and is correct as of January 10th 2022, but prior to launch is subject to change

  • Society Members (students and non-students) – Free
  • StirPod Alumni members – £1 a month (charged yearly at £12)
  • Student (non-Society Members) – £1.50 a month (charged yearly at £18)
  • Staff (Individual/Small Groups) – £1.50 a month (charged yearly at £18)
  • Academic Research Project – £2 a month (charged yearly at £24)
  • University of Stirling Clubs & Societies – £2 a month (charged yearly at £24)
  • Division – £2.50 a month (charged yearly at £30)
  • Faculty (e.g. Faculty of Arts and Humanities) – £3 a month (charged yearly at £36)
  • External Network members – £4 a month (charged yearly at £48)

Enterprise Level Accounts Available Subject To Agreements, Contact to discuss.

Hosting costs 12 months of the year, and does not suspend during the university holidays – therefore whilst you may not be producing content, your content that is already stored is being served and hosted, this is part of what you are paying for, hosting your content online is not free.

Although not a non-profit, all subscriptions go back into maintaining and improving the StirPod Network.

Expired Subscriptions

Subscriptions run for 12 months (1 Year); 18 months (1.5 Years); 24 months (2 Years); 3 Years and 5 Years.

Notice/Warning Period (Days +90 to 0)

When your subscription is about to expire your nominated email addresses will receive a:

  • 90 days warning
  • 60 days warning
  • 30 days warning
  • 10 days warning
  • 5 days warning
  • 3 days warning
  • Day Zero warning (Official End of Contract)

Grace Period (Days -1 to 10)

If you fail to renew during that notice/warning period there will be a 10 day grace period with which to renew.

Suspended Services (Days 11 to 20)

Failure to do so during this 10 day grace period will lead to a suspension of your accounts, which includes not serving your podcast to the wider world; you will then have to contact StirPod Network support to reinstate access, and pay for your subscription, within 20 days.

Pending Deletion (Days 21-40)

From day 21 – 40 your content will be stored pending deletion. It may be possible to recover this content (but there maybe a small charge to do so) – we recommend that you backup and store your content elsewhere.

Deletion (Days 41+)

After day 40 content that is deleted will be irretrievable.